My brother Morgan and I are the co-founders of Dogberry Collections, where we enjoy finding what others might abandon and turning it into something special.  Below, Morgan describes an experience that inspired us to start our journey.

"I was in between jobs in home construction and manufacturing, trying to support my small family and still figuring out what I'd like to do as a career.  My uncle told me about an old silo at my grandparents' farm in Bluebell that was falling apart and needed to be torn down.  I saw how beautiful the weathered timber was and realized, 'I can do something with this old wood.'  That first experience of taking an old structure and creating something valuable and meaningful from it, that's what got us started."

- Morgan Shaver, Founder of Dogberry Collections

Though not every item features reclaimed wood, each Dogberry Collections piece is built on this same belief - that with creativity and hard work, we can make something extraordinary.

AuthorMichael Shaver