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Some things get better with age.

Our tabletops and accent pieces are made using reclaimed wood taken from early 20th century structures.  Why reclaimed wood?  Well, here's a few reasons.

Reclaimed wood is lumber that was used in a previous application.  Our most common source of reclaimed wood comes from old barns and buildings.  No one structure is exactly the same, which means each of our furniture pieces is unique and has a story to tell.  Time and exposure to the elements infuse our reclaimed wood with beautiful characteristics you won't find in new lumber.

Dogberry Collections is committed to making high quality, sustainable products that won't negatively impact the environment.  Every time a table is made from reclaimed wood instead of new lumber, we have effectively reduced our impact on forests.  Furthermore, Dogberry Collections uses only locally-sourced lumber to avoid the impact of wasteful transportation.  And for every equivalent tree we consume, Dogberry Collections funds the planting of a new tree to help sustain our forests.

Another benefit to reclaimed wood is in its strength.  Through the aging process, wood actually becomes harder and less prone to warping.  So when you buy a Dogberry Collections product made with reclaimed wood, you're buying a quality product that will last for years to come.