sliding barn doors

Our collection of sliding barn doors has quickly become one of our most popular.  Nothing completes a modern space quite like a sliding barn door, and you won’t find doors like these anywhere else.  As always, any of our paint or stain options can be applied to any product; doors are no exception.  Standard door sizes are 82"H x 36"W and the larger 96"H x 48"W.


Long vertical planks of solid wood showcase the wood grain direction, drawing your attention upward.


Strips of rough sawn lumber arranged in a herringbone pattern, and finished with a varied gray stain (only available for herringbone) give this door an aged appearance.


Our simplistic take on a popular trend, this door blends the elegance of Craftsman design while still maintaining the character of solid wood construction.


traditional x

The traditional x is a picture of classic barn door design. It is what it is, and we like it that way.

country vintage

A lightly distressed finish on a classic barn door design.  Like Mama always said, ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’

traditional z

It just doesn’t get more classic than this.  A solid wood base with alder overlaid in a “Z” pattern.  Pictured in our warm Walnut stain.

the drawbridge

Sturdy wood planks bolted together with steel plating.  What castle would be complete without a drawbridge?

modern slab

Large slab panels of solid wood express a minimalist modern appearance.


line 'em up

Pops of color (pick your own) alternate with beautifully stained strips of solid wood.                      


Simple modern design at its best, the horizontal direction of the solid wood boards creates elegant visual flow.


Sliding barn door hardware (including track, rollers, stops, and floor guide) can be ordered in the following sizes and finishes:

  • black iron (standard in stock) - 6.5'L or 8'L, front mounted or top mounted
  • stainless steel (by request) - 6.5'L, top mounted only
  • oil rubbed bronze (by request) - 6.5'L, front mounted only

Doors can be ordered with or without hardware.  The most common applications are closets, hallways, pantries, window coverings, and passages between rooms (such as the entrance between a master bedroom and master bathroom).